Women Ministry

As a church that is energized by lively engagement in our faith and life, Maranatha Faith Assemblies offers a variety of opportunities for youth to grow in and explore their faith. One of the most powerful events, offered every year, is the National Youth Conference, during which thousands of youths and adults converge to serve, worship and learn how to lead lives of discipleship. The Youth Ministry is accountable to the National Board and is supervised by the Executive Board. It is governed by its own by-laws.

Duties & Responsibilities

  • To formulate strategies and plans for funding women activities;
  • To organize and co-ordinate the women fellowships, conferences, seminar and other activities;
  • To make and amend the By-laws of the Women Ministry;
  • To preside over the election of Regional and Pastorate Women Ministry Committee;
  • To identify and develop women leadership capacities through programmes and seminars;
  • To develop plans and strategies fashioned to solve the challenges and needs of women;
  • To perform any other functions as deemed necessary.

The National Women Board Members

Luo Central Region
She is the National Women Chair, Regional Women Chair of Luo Central Region, Pastorate Women Chair of MFA Kuja Pastorate,…