The Structure


Maranatha Faith Assemblies does have a central headquarters, in Migori Town, and an Executive Leadership. Leadership duties are however divided among various administrative organs under the National Board. Each of these organs is required by MFA Constitution, a foundation document, to be part of the structure, and plays a significant role in the life of the church.

Managerial Organs under the National Board

Duties & Responsibilities of the National Board

  • Appoint and disband boards and committees to execute the mission and perform other functions of Maranatha;
  • Receive annual reports subordinate Boards and Committees of Maranatha;
  • Formulate and approve major policies;
  • Deal with all disciplinary matters referred to it from the Council of Elders;
  • Approve all major budgets of Maranatha;
  • Approve new Regions of Maranatha;
  • Approve the ordination any new Regional Overseer of Maranatha;
  • Discuss and approve all major financial transactions of Maranatha;
  • Approve any major purchase or disposal of property and or assets of Maranatha as proposed by the The Board of Trustees;
  • Approve any foreign missionaries or volunteers as well as national missionaries of Maranatha.