Excellence In Leadership

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This book is about providing leadership in an excellent way in reference to Godly expectations. The God I…

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‘Excellence in Leadership’ is a book depicting God´s perspective on leadership, and not human skills on management or leadership methods, even if such matters also are considered.
The central message of the=is book is that we are a royal priesthood, which demands a spirit and lifestyle of divine excellence, and that the Lord is willing to grant us this excellence if we are living in accordance with His spiritual laws. The theme of excellence is treated from many angles, and it is difficult to read the book without catching the same fire as is burning in Curt Johansson´s own heart.
This book is a legacy of a man who has made a marvellous journey in the Spirit. From a young country boy born and brought up in the beautiful province of Småland, Sweden, who, having been saved, baptized in the Spirit and called to missions in Africa, goes about to do the work of ministry in Holy Spirit excellence, taking those steps which he is now teaching younger generations.
As a spiritual father, Apostle Curt Johansson is sharing the steps which led to such a success. And they are never superficial or filled with worldly wisdom, but with the eternal principles of deep fellowship with God in Word and prayer, ministry of the gospel in power, and pursuit of excellence in building churches.
I lay down this book with deep gratitude, and thank the Lord for what He has already accomplished through His servant, praying that we may be able to reach God´s excellence in our own teaching and ministry.

To God be all the glory in His Church for ever and ever! Amen.