Curt Johansson

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He is the Founder of Maranatha Faith Assemblies, Kenya. He also co-founded Trosgnistans Mission in 1968. Together with his family in 1970, he traveled out to Kenya, where he spent a total of nine years was engaged in a pioneering work among primitive tribes. From a small beginning, this missionary work since grown out, so that it now covers about 2,000 churches in addition to the entire East Africa.

Curt has for years traveled to a number of other countries, where he preached in campaigns and taught seminars pastor. Since 1983, Curt served as director of Faith spark and since 1991 as pastor of Bethel Church, Runemo. He still continues to travel both in Sweden and other countries, where he participates in seminars and meetings.

Curt also has a keen interest in world events and the prophetic events in biblical light.