Lwala Orphanage

About Us.

The primary purpose of the Lwala Children's Home is to provide support and assistance to the children in Kenya who are at risk because they are orphans, homeless, sick or living in extreme poverty. This activity will involve grant assistance for projects designed to deal with specific issues and sites to include orphanages, homeless aide agencies, school placement and assistance work, aide to needy schools and preschools, feeding projects, medical care needs and other worthy areas dealing with children. Grants are awarded on an individual basis after ensuring that financial accountability and oversight are in place. Our secondary goal is to educate the public on the cultural, social, educational, medical and economic needs of the children in the Orphanage.

Our History.

Mrs. Ludia Apiyo - Founder, Lwala Orphanage

Lwala Orphanage started in May 1971 as an initiative of three women (Mrs. Ludia Apiyo, Late Dorcas Gumba & Late Leah Achola). These women were disappointed at the growing rate of death of orphaned children in Lwala, Homabay County. They made a decision to visit and share the story with Apostle Curt Johansson. In the move to find a solution to the problem, these women offered to take care of the children by offering necessities they could afford. Apostle Curt Johansson got moved with their proposal and agreed to build an orphanage for the children. In May 1971, Lwala Orphanage was built.

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