About Us

Maranatha Faith Assemblies has had a remarkable spiritual and social growth, well situated all over Kenya and other parts of the world. The grace of God, the selfless efforts of the foreign missionaries, the local leaders, and the faithfulness of the local congregations have contributed to the great progress of this ministry in Kenya. As the name implies, Maranatha is truly a church of faith preparing people for the second coming of Jesus Christ. Besides proclaiming the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ, many lives have been transformed through social programs and projects.


The origin of Maranatha Faith Assemblies dates to 1967 when two Swedish Missionary families, among them Bength Sundh, immigrated into Kenya, invited by a local pastor, Rev. Chacha Omahe, to start a mission work at a small village known as Komotobo situated in Kuria South District, Nyanza Province, for the purpose of spiritual and social ministry. During a National Leaders’ seminar held at Komotobo Mission Station between 16th and 20th October 2000, leaders resolved to change the name to MARANATHA FAITH ASSEMBLIES, and subsequently a new constitution was implemented.

50 Years Achievements